Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Low Numbers - Josef Albers

In 1996, Gerhardt Koerner formed the Low Numbers while in college at the University of Pittsburgh. Along with his sister Karola on bass, girlfriend Kara Crombie on guitar, and Jon Vital on drums, Koerner began putting together a set of new wave influenced art pop and playing out in Pittsburgh. As the band lineup changed over the years, Koerner continued to tinker with the band's sound, writing far more songs than they actually played or recorded.

In 1997, The Low Numbers released their debut single "Telekom" b/w "Josef Albers" on their own Instant Tunes label. The single showed big potential and helped to build anticipation for a full length from the band, but it never came. "I work on something every day," Gerhardt told Philadelphia Weekly at the time. "It's about putting a cohesive set together."

The album never materialized, but the band did put out one more single before disbanding sometime around 2002. The final single, on Roof Rack Records, featured "What Good Are Girls For" and "Sunlight Over Detroit." By now, the band was just calling itself The Numbers.

In 2002, Numbers recorded new material with Phil Manley of Trans Am, but Koerner was beginning to devote more time to the Lilys, who he had joined around that time. He eventually formed a new band called the Hi-Soft who released a great four song EP in 2006.

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